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Custom Dye-Imprinted T-Shirts & Sweatshirts!

All our custom shirts are made using one of two special processes that dye the image into the shirt fabric (custom shirts are not made using decal transfers).


This is the main custom T-Shirt & Sweat Shirt page.  We have short-sleeve men's and women's shirts, long-sleeve men's shirts, and sweat shirts.

From here, click on the general image type you are interested in, then drill down to the exact image/emblem/logo!  We also have stock/non-custom shirts and sweat shirts available.  Click here for stock (non customized) patriotic T-Shirts

Custom Service Flag T-Shirts T-Shirts with American Flag, Service Flag and Branch/Unit emblem  & three lines of custom text. All Branches Available. A Piece of My Heart is in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Away from home & more Custom T-shirts Branch & Unit Welcome Home Shirts We have A Piece of My Heart SERVED in .... shirts too!!!
Click here for stock (non customized) patriotic T-Shirts My Heart, My Hero, My Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor & Coastie with Custom text - Mugs here too! My Heart Belongs to a Soldier, Marine, Airman, Sailor & Coastie with custom text - Mugs here too! Iraqi Freedom - Been There! Done That T-shirts with custom lettering! Available Now!! Embroidered Polo Shirts and your own custom text!!!  Coming soon are embroidered photo shirts! You've never seen anything like it, and we're the only ones (that we know of) that make these shirts!!!


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