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1" Army Emblem Envelope Stickers

Vinyl Envelope Stickers (or stick them on papers, books, or anything else you can imagine - these are the same stickers we place on the yellow ribbon magnets). These stickers are made from premium vinyl (not paper stickers) and have a permanent adhesive backing.  Each sticker is approximately 1 inch wide and come in sets of 24, 48, 72, 96, 144,168 &192.  We also have Veteran Decals - Click here to view!

Size= 1" width

Army Emblem Army National Guard Army Reserve 1st Armored Division 1st Infantry Division
143rd Transportation 2nd Armored Division 2nd Infantry Division 2nd Battalion, 2nd Infantry 25th Infantry Division
391st Infantry Brigade 4th Infantry 42nd Division 81st Brigade (Washington Rifles) 82nd Airborne
Military Police Corps New York Army National Guard Psychological Operations/Civil Affairs Texas National Guard - 36th Infantry 173rd Airborne Brigade
1st Cavalry Division 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment 82nd Medical Company 3rd Infantry 10th Mountain Division
48th Brigade (GA) 28th Infantry Division 130th Engineer Brigade XVIII Airborne Corps 18th Field Artillery Brigade
`   Special Forces    

1 Inch Army Emblem Stickers

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Pricing Grid:

Quantity Price Each
24 $6.99
48 $10.49
72 $12.77
96 $14.90
120 $17.29
144 $19.79
168 $22.34
192 $23.83

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